The thousand-step challenge!

Tallinn TV Tower and the World Federation of Great Towers hold a stair-running series every year.

trepijooks teletorn

At least eight towers from different countries and continents take part in the series.

The stair run is held on the early spring.
This year, stair run is taking place for the eight time. The date is 29 March and it will be held between 10am and 2pm (registration). Maze orienteering is planned as a demonstration event this time around. It will not be separately scored. Taking place in the outdoor area, it will be free of charge for all comers during the stair run competition.

How does the race take place?

  • The starting signal is given in the lobby on the first floor. The participants are allowed to start 30 seconds apart, first come first served. The distance is 170 metres vertical, and on the 3rd and 13th storey there are intermediate corridors that must be negotiated. The distance and the storeys are marked.
  • The number of starting slots is limited! A maximum 300 runners will be allowed to compete. The 10 best women and men will advance to the final. The three best women and men will receive awards.
  • There is also a race where participants try to get identical split times in the first and second half of the stairs.

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